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That's What She Said

That&#39;s What She Said
Thank you for your interest in our new CD: "That's What She Said", Firey String Sistas! celebrates the power, beauty and creativity of women. With a fresh, original style violinist Marlene Rice , cellist Nioka Workman, bassist Melissa Slocum, pianist-vocalist Mala Waldron and drummer Karina Colis weave together Jazz, World music and tributes to their families."That's What She Said", is the ensemble’s first CD , unearthing a journey of storytelling and reflection.

Firey String Sistas!
"That's What She Said"

1. Shine- Nioka Workman ,ManGoGirl Publications (ASCAP)
2. Ellie- Mala Waldron, Kershani Music (BMI)  
3. Adversidad- Karina Colis, BMI
4. T'ianchy Blues- Marlene Rice, STRAZZ INK (BMI)
5. Fantasy- Nioka Workman, ManGoGirl Publications (ASCAP)
6. Miss Lady- Melissa Slocum, Mucols Music (BMI)
7. Castle in the Sky   - Mala Waldron, Kershani Music (BMI)  
8. To The HolyLand- Cedar Walton *, arranged by Marlene Rice

Firey String Sistas!

Marlene Rice-violin, background vocal
Nioka Workman- cello, background vocal
Melissa Slocum-bass
Mala Waldron-piano, lead vocal
Karina Colis-drums, percussion

Executive Producer- Darrell Bridges
Artistic Producer- Clifton Anderson
Audio Engineer- Peter Karl
Mastering- Rob Fraboni
Cover Art-CEA