Radiance 4 "Peace To The River" (2017)

Greenpoint Arts Festival 2016

Emil Paolucci Summer Sounds 2016

Coltrane Day Music Festival 2016

Jazzy Jazz Festival 2015

Radiance 3 "DJs, Strings & New Sounds"  (2015)

Vision Festival 19

Radiance 2 "A Presentation to Young Artist" (2014)

Radiance 2013

Many Colors of A Woman (2012)- Nicki Mathis

Son D’Hiver, 2008 (France) Cooper-More Project

Pepsi Smash Festival, 2007 (USA) Kanye West

Sno-Core Tour USA with Spearhead/Michael Franti, Euro-tour with Saul Williams  


Jazz Intensive Program 2016-2017  Joffrey Ballet School NYC

Threads Dance Company-2013-"Malignant" by Karen Charles, score by N. Workman

Joffrey Ballet-2011-15  choreographer Marlies Yearby, music by N. Workman

Walls- 2011 Work by Nioka Workman, Hui Cox-guitar, choreographer Leslie Parker

Errol Grimes Dance Co. at City Center – Score for cello, percussion and voice in 2007

Nioka Workman Jazz & Dance Company- Workshops in Philadelphia in 2006  


Curvy Widow-George Street Playhouse-Solo Cello

Sweet Charity-  Reveiw: Scene On Stage by Phillip Dorian , Off Broadway-Solo Cello

Arturo Padilla Presents

Marty Pottenger's #PhillySavesEarth- Solo Cello

Mingus Takes (By Aisha Rahman) A Reading directed by Talvin Wilkes -Solo Cello

Goree Crossing by Paul Carter Harrison -Solo Cello

HRII- Marcus Dargan director (NuAfrikan Theater Co.)

The Art of Memory- Kitty Brazelton 

The Escape Artist- John Kelly (2010-2013)

Venus Project (By Lori Parks & Lori Evans) a play about South Africa’s Saartis Bartman, Public Theater, NYC. -Solo Cello

Harlem Duet (Janet Sears) a slight twist on Shakespeare’s Othello- Cello & Bass, Blue Heron Theater


Eucalytus & Oceans, Springfield , Mass.

American Composer's Forum/Live Music for Dance Threads Dance Co./Karen Charles

Joffrey Ballet Jazz, Symphony Space

Marlies Yearby’s Woomen, UMass, Kuumble Theater

Echoing Women/Jennifer Chin, Joyce Theater

Zhingo/Alvin Ailey II/MWProdNYC  


Saturday Night Live-w/Sojourner & India Arie Oxygen-w/ India Arie & Sojourner

Chris Rock Show –w/Spoken-Word Performance Artists, Saul Williams

Good Morning America – w/Kanye West

Canal + France


Betty La Vette- (Verve Records)

Firey String Sistas : "That's What She Said"  (Indie)

Mod Squad NYC: "State of The Union" (Indie)

FSCO SongBook 1: The Blues Series (Indie)

Iron Blossoms- Hui Cox/Nioka Workman Project  (Indie)

Acoustic Soul - India Arie (Motown)

Better Days -  Joe (Jive Records)


Music For The People - co director

Preschool Rock- music director

Photo Credits: Jonathan Tichler