1. Afro Blue- Mango Santa Maria, arr. Nioka Workman cello, Megan Atchley violin, Maryam Blacksher viola, Melissa Slocum bass, Blues Series/Firey Strings Company 0:00

  2. Invasion, commissioned by American Composer's Forum for Threads Dance Co., Karen Charles,dir. by Nioka Workman cello, vocals, Hui Cox guitar, vocals,,John Bollinger drums 0:00

  3. Broken Lines-commissioned for Jennifer Chin Dance by Nioka Workman, featuring Michael Wimberly 0:00

  4. Military Man, a work in progress by Nioka Workman cello, Hui Cox guitar, Michael Wimberly Drums 0:00

  5. Toosa, work in progress story by Vienna Carroll, Patricia Butler clarinet, Megan Atchley violin, Nioka Workman cello,arranger 0:00

  6. Body Grooves, commissioned by Moving Spirits Dance Company for solo cello,vocals 0:00

  7. Stridin, a work in progress, composed by Nioka Workman cello, Michael Wimberly piano, percussion 0:00

"It is important to study  root energy, spirit, history and culture in order to create an individual voice. Heavily influenced by the  Jazz culture, soul, funk, R&B, booming and alive everywhere when I was young. I reflect this in my sound.  I love to use my "paint brush" to create... with or without boundaries. It is thrilling to collaborate with visionary artists committed to presenting their views.. real, raw, with respect, particularly art that represents views that others are unable to express. I am present for like minds to connect as we pay tribute to our mentors, ancestors and create a legacy for the next generation."